Medical Administration

A medical administrator is executives who oversee healthcare dockets in the various medical institution. They are responsible for the administration of the institution as we are going to see in this article. Read on and find out.

What does a medical administrator do?

There are two types of medical administrators the generalists and the specialist. A specialist is highly trained and they have specialized in a particular field of medicine. The primary role of a medical administrator is to coordinate, plan and organize medical services. This involves attending to tasks that require attention. The medical administrator has different responsibilities depending on the institution. Most of them start from office work which involves cross-checking and organizing daily schedules such as meetings. They do a lot of communication which involves discussing matters that require concern. They also delegate tasks to the staff or even host an interview.

How long does it take to become a Medical administrative attendant?

Well, a medical administrative attendant is not a position that is provided as an entry-level straight from the training. It depends on the skills and your competency in your years of service.

However, the minimum requirements are a 4-year bachelor’s degree in a relevant medical field.

What jobs can you get with a medical administrative degree?

The following are jobs options that someone with a medical administrative degree can do:

  • Medical coder
  • Health information administrator
  • Physician office assistant
  • Medical transcriptional
  • Admission clerk
  • Records clerk

What pays more medical assistant or billing and coding?

The annual average salary for medical coders is approximately $36 700 where’s the medical assistant is $33,719.The salty scales are relatively the same only a slight difference. Therefore medical coder is the one who walks away with a bigger share of the salary. This is because their job description is skill-based and more of being technical.

What are the Chances of Possible Growth in career for Medical administration?

There are high chances of growth in medical administrator. For any career growth to occur it is largely influenced by the skills that you have acquired all through your career development. Medical administrator develops financial skills to help on planning management. They are also good strategic planners because of their exceptional communication skills. This career offers much transferable skill that allows the growth of the career. Besides, there is a regular task variation because there are new challenges every day that demands a solution. Therefore, based on the exposure of this career it is worth to say there is growth.

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