Attachment A – MBS Review Taskforce membership and Terms of Reference

The Taskforce:



Prof Bruce Robinson, Chair

Former Dean, Sydney Medical School; Chair, National Health and Medical Research Council


Dr Steve Hambleton, Deputy Chair

Clinical member (General practice); Past President, Australian Medical Association

Dr Matthew Andrews

Clinical member (Diagnostic imaging); Past President, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists


Prof Michael Besser

Clinical member (Neurosurgery); Retired Head, Department of Neurosurgery, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital


Dr Michael Coglin

Clinical member (Private provider); Chief Medical Officer, Healthscope Ltd


Prof Adam Elshaug

Health technology assessment; Co-Director, Menzies Centre for Health Policy


Prof Paul Glasziou

Clinical member (General practice); Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine, and Director, Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice, Bond University


Prof Michael Grigg

Clinical member (Surgery); Past President, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons


Dr Lee Gruner

Clinical member (Medical administration); Past President, Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators


Ms Rebecca James

Consumer representative; Consultant, Medicines for Malaria Venture


Dr Matt McConnell

Clinical member (Public health); Public Health Physician, Country Health SA Local Health Network


Dr Bev Rowbotham

Clinical member (Pathology); Past President, Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia


Prof Nick Talley

Clinical member (Medicine); Chair, Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges

Taskforce Terms of Reference

  1. An early, high-level review of the MBS as a whole to identify priority areas taking account of factors including concerns about safety, clinically unnecessary service provision and accepted clinical guidelines.
  2. From this high-level review, identify Review topics and assign priority to nominated topics, providing this initial advice to the Minister for Health by late 2015.
  3. Commission evidence-based reviews that rely on assessment of literature and data by Working Groups.
  4. Analyse the advice from the Working Groups and, in turn provide advice to the Minister, including advice on the evidence for services, appropriateness, best practice options, levels and frequency of support through Medicare.
  5. Monitor the outcome of MBS reviews and trends in MBS growth to inform an ongoing cycle of reviews, including advising on a system of ongoing analysis of MBS data, integration of other relevant available data, policy development and implementation.
  6. Advise on a departmental programme of work that aims to update the Health Insurance Act 1973 and regulations (MBS ‘rules’) that underpin MBS funding.
  7. Provide advice to the Minister about the MBS and related health financing issues, as appropriate.
  8. Engage with health consumers, medical professionals, peak bodies and other stakeholders to seek their views about appropriate Review approaches and processes.