Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce — Consultations

Australia public consultation reports were released days back by the MBS Review Taskforce. The Australian public including even the health professionals have now an opportunity to provide views on the drafted recommendations before the government issues out its final recommendations for the same. The Health Department sector’s website has all information about this review’s process of consultations the timeline for making future consultations in place and anything that is entailed in the draft.

consultation iconOpen Consultations

There are currently no open consultations.

More information on the MBS Review’s consultation process, including a timeline for future consultations, is available on the Department of Health website.

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About the MBS Review

The review states out strategies to be in place to bring an improvement in the health outcomes to patients. The MBS Review Taskforce is interested to know how over 5700 items that are on the Medicare Benefits Schedule can be properly aligned with some contemporary clinical practice and evidence to bring the required improvements in the health sector.

This review is guided by a team of experts that we call a Taskforce that includes all the medical practitioners both in the private and public health sectors who have experience in the overall general practice, public health, radiology, surgery, medical administration, and pathology. On the Taskforce is also where you will find consumer academics and representatives who have experience in the overall assessment of health technology are being represented.

To find out more about how the Taskforce is reviewing the MBS, view the factsheet.